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Related article: Date : Sun, July 11, 1999 October 46th 44 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Chuck u003cchucklez_1 yahoo. Preteen Gallery com u003e Subject: broken relationships (Chapter 2) After two weeks, finally, I finally finished part 2 of this story. Might be time, but I assure you, will look like the solution to some problems you can ask in Chapter 1, as Philip heard Leo and Jake. it anyway and comments should be e- mail to: Chucklez_1 yahoo. com Check my girlfriend at: http://www. angelfire/on2/Chucklez is still under construction, but the stories I've written all there. Thank you ! Now read on ---- _____________________________________________________________________________ n "Just Friends " Part 2 of broken relationships I found an old woman saw where I had gone. " What the # $% try Sonny Boy? " I tried to see him and apology, but then I was in children was skating. I fell head first. Another was given a burning pain in my face as I cried tears. The liHuttle guy has helped me and stood up, he complained, "Sorry, sir, this is my s in-line skating for the first time, I do not want blood in the nose. is necessary handkerchief n " The child looked so sweet in his helmet and his band. He has done smiled and left me to mourn. However, the puppies as they face when he handed over n my web, it just reminded me once again to Philip. "Thanks to T -T- kid", I hid my ​​eyes, already burning with tears in the creeks of the napkin, and patted his helmet. Just before entering my house, I heard the phone ring. Felipe, are you ? I grabbed the cordless phone and yelled, " Philip? " "Huh? What will mean the suspicious luver ? Hitting other kids now that n a cute boy as I found love with you? "I was surprised Leo. My legs were limp. Hearing his voice to keep the tears Preteen Gallery of bubbles. It made me happy with someone who loves me still to be realized. " Surprise, surprise. You can never call my house if you need answers to your job or somethingmething ! " I whispered, trying not to hear that n mourn. N " I can not hear you talk ! "He said. " I said, why ?!!!" I growled. This has a lot of the burden of me. "God, that sounds so cute when you're mad. What 's wrong with you anyway ? Has our love not make you happy enough?... You know, you could return to sneak around the house n and we can do it like animals ! Unnnnh... uhhhh ! " moaning and complaining on the phone while I went to my bedroom and lock. I told him to stop, but he was moaning faster and faster makes my dick hard. 'see what you did, you just made my cock hardened again, " I whispered laughter. " at this time ? I thought it was difficult when I called. "He started to laugh Even then moaned again and began to shake the bed. In fact, it was right, I was not happy, but man, complains sweet and a member of my stiffed stand out of my pants I forgot Felipe! made ​​me so hot on the phone I need a relief, I got somehow- yet unpacked my ​​pants and underwear and pulled the shaft. I was in my bed, and began to masturbate. I thought Leo masturbate do everything for me. I squeezed harder and pushed into the groove, as if Leo had not lame. I hump my hand and gently complained that he does not know Leo. I have the speed every time I complained, and my hands looked like a soft focus image. I s wanted me orgasms. I got the phone and started playing my ​​balls. " U.. Unnhhhhh " spill cum down my sheets and my left arm. I pressed stronger sperm gushing over until my cock finally returned to his limp size. The orgasm left me breathless and muscle pain. My right arm ached from the n that masturbation, which I could not get. Suddenly, I heard Leo phone screaming her head trying to get my attention. " YawnYeah, what ?" I was too tired to talk to him. I was. I do not know are strong enough to care for more, when Philip hated me ! " Are you asleep ?It's only 9:45 ! Gawd, you really have a weak body n ! " He cried, I'd stay awake. "Shut up! This love is really sucked the life out of me... Yawn... ! Are we meeting tomorrow? " " Well luv ya "I knew I really needed to sleep hook. I the receiver on the ground. I did not even bother to change my pajamas. I Philip thought, before completely asleep. in some way going to work... it is.... vi Philip sits on the porch staring at the floor, " Jake, where the hell are right ? "It is the dream again. He went back and forth on the porch of his house, but view of the earth. He looked up and saw me. There is the self that we are only n see my like. "How could you, motherfucker ! I have loved you ! She loved me too. Why are you a one damn thing up ? I am not good enough for you, right? ! speak for me! " I was standing there with Leo. Philip burst into tears and ran at home. My thoughts about running behind Felipe, but Leo stopped me. Then my FIGUre turned to discover that Leo gave her a hug, as if tried to stop in "No more Philip in the picture, but now we have two " " Let me go ! Let go, you're hurting me ! " I thought he said. "Let go you bastard! " I cried. You did not hear me I tried to run to help the person who took me, but as soon as I step behind someone I took my hand and pulled me back. I turned around and saw another man who s stopped me before seen. The long-haired guy was an evil smile. " Let me go ! " I cried. The more I tried, the more difficult to realize that attracted me again. "Let me go Please, let go! " " Son of a bitch !.... Let Goooo " N I was in my bed, shivering with sleep. The dream frightened me! There were many questions came to mind. As to who was the guy who me back... o... Why go to Leo stopped Philip?... O... what was that dream? Am I just remember that what he was doing Philip feelings much damage?It is true that is. All I could think about what was how bad I was Felipe. I dropped my head on the pillow thinking how stupid I am. Tears streamed down my face again burn my eyes and pain in the excavation of the grief in my heart. I cried and greatly struck with his fist on the bed, moving bed. What have I done ? was an accident, really. However, say the voice in my head that I 'm just a bitches who have sex with someone who wants it bad, is necessary. I hated myself. is I hated myself for fucking things, someone close to me and I love me. I went to try to sleep, not thinking about Philip. The next morning was hell. My nose burned so much that every time I touched would send me with tears in his eyes. My mother used to stack cream after took a shower, which made ​​things worse. " I can not go to school like that?" I cried when I looked in the mirror. red cream I have been looking like Rudolph. She laughed and laughed, "Sweety Do not worry about it just rt for 10 minuteske it out before you go school! " returned to the kitchen to make common things mom. I sat next to the mirror comb my hair wet and mean what you say to Philip. My heart is still sore, but to mourn for this reason, last night, I have enough money to tears for him. I looked at my swollen red eyes, my nose red. O God does not want to go to school. 'm laughing I n all, Philip above all. new thought of Philip? Would you n your 'in my head every second? I wiped the cream to remove easily. took a n for a while, but it worked. my nose keep inflammation. Why my mother is always right ? Thank God made ​​calendar day. I am sick and tired of wearing the same uniform appearance every damn day ! Citizen ask? Well , is a kind of day you know what you can use want for a dollar. cheap bastards stupid rule does all n ?, of course, , it is necessary to carry on normal clothes but there is a good opportunity, always making fun of you. that was ashiny shirt royal blue with blue baggy pants. Then I added some gel my hair and put on sunglasses is priceless, stained blue. blue my ​​favorite. Hell, I even dye my hair blue... if my mom lets me. Vi in the mirror and fixed his hair one last time... Hmmm not bad! I looked at me and almost fell in love with my reflection. I kissed my mother and thanked him for the cream. smiled and said calmly : " Oh, another thing that Philip arrived this morning n asked if you were here tsk tsk His eyes, which is very red and swollen as are similar. ! Almost as if you were crying all night ! anyway, I tried to quit in it and have breakfast with us, but once he and I saw the other o man comes to us and ask about you, he quickly said no thanks and fled anyway, this other guy asked if he were here? So I said yes, and asked if he could stay and wait, but he said he expected to in the subway! "He spoke too fast for me to understand. but II think that was the idea. "Have you ma! For breakfast again to skip going to be late! " You gave me my bag before leaving. Who would have a better mother than her? When I went to links Philip once told me, n faster in the metro , I heard a silent cry. Out of curiosity, followed the sound n me into a small park where I used to go every time, when Philip and I needed of fresh air to stay home and play video games excessively. N then it is was Felipe. Its bright red shirt, a 2 - character on his back dirty the bank that was wet from the rain yesterday. I did not want my ​​attention when I saw left me see her eyes were red as I said my mother. I stood and looked at him in silence. I had no gesture in my face or my body. He stared at me, but somehow I take a look. "When it came time to say, sorry, now," I thought. I took my sunglasses, surprised to see him go. He turned quickly removed. I was there for halfa minute and sat next to who was looking for. It s far from me and looked away. " You know, we can be together always angry," he said quietly. not me, but he barely heard whispered. " I'm not really mad at you, you know. I'm mad at myself thinking that really fall in love with me, oh God, I do not know how much I have to say that to convince... I-.... I love you! " not tell me again. He screamed again and breathing heavily. I tried to hug him, but he pushed me and left me to violate my space. "II is not mad at you! Y. know. You know it was my fault and my... my... fucking n.... hormones ! Look, I'm sorry it was not my intention. I never thought that... you know.... have... Sex... with Leo. I never wanted to, but once he began to , umm... lick... my hormones take control of me. I'm so I'm sorry. " crack a smile again. He brushed the tears and looked my ​​eyes. ", which was ummm.... better than me?" Croaker thatd. I smiled, the words "I have no idea, is the first time I had oral sex... sex is not known whether oral " They both laughed and hugged each other after having determined not to let \\ \\ n to go from one to another. It stained my shirt, but who cares. We hugged each other s like no tomorrow. Whispered in my ear, " Friends Forever ? " " Friends, why not? Luv friends... " I replied. I knew what I was thinking. We are too afraid to lose each other when they were lovers. Deep in our hearts, is loved more than ourselves. Had shed no tears instead of him my heart hurt like crazy. N " Friends forever... " he muttered again. She broke the hug and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. "Let's go. " He got up and took my hand. When we went to in the streets, his head was turning from one another. We do not speak or even laugh at anything. Then one more question hit my mind. " Felipe is, how do you know exactly what I ummm... I did it with Leo? " I broke the silence between us andbefore you know it, began to laughs like crazy. " W- Well, at first was the upside-down shirt, pants, opened the hair of his s were wrong and what hickey on his neck !" He played the point where the hickey is. "I knew it was not me, because I have not planted a kiss in the neck, and God knows we can give each girl a hickey ! " " Man, I 'm not a good secret porter I am? " He shook his head " no. " we Metro, paid and went downstairs. Preteen Gallery There was Leo. There look cool and cute as ever. N "Look, I'll call later meet in order? Three is a lot," he said. It was down the stairs, but he took my right hand and stopped him. "We make an exception this time!" I asked. He tried to walk back, but that stopped him and asked again. ", please! " " No thanks, unless you know that I was not with Leo " that proved to be a point there. Just talk to each other and the only time that will speak only when I'm there. I let go of his acresKey. I whispered, "OK. I 'm going to be in school. " " Bye! " " Latez " I went back down the fear and called Leo. I pretended not to hear. "Tierra de Leon, I'm talking to you !" I cried as I walked down the stairs. I ignored again. I went and was at his side. "Yo! Hello?" Grabbed the finger at him. He gave me a quick smile and kissed me right there, where n had people waiting. Everyone looked at us strange looks. some n even smiled and gave a thumbs up. Do not ask me why, I just did. "I'm full of surprises? " is a big smile pasted on her face. "Scrub, why do that? There people here !" A businessman was still on the lookout for the clash with us. Leo saw and gave him Preteen Gallery the finger. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. the man got mad and left. " Leo, you stop, You 're so mean! " " Well, he stopped and looked as if he wanted to do something bad or something!" He exclaimed. The train came and went. The trip was hell. I was so emembarrassed when Leo was sitting next to me and hugged me. many times everyone was watching the train " us. " Leo kept pushing away but it need not move a muscle. I think he fell asleep. My face burned with the redness I had. As I have chosen! Well, after the part of the train, where young people would not go. So many things to change the look train, and it took us only because it shows us, things gay. I could not to make, dizzy from my shame. "What the hell are you see ? " I cried. I gave each man s a look at how it looked in other places. Leo moved a little and made a little snoring. Oh, great! People began to look the other way, like me, but if I look at the window I could see the reflection of them looked at me, the finger at me, and some even show and laughs at me. Leo was a pioneer in stomach many times, but all I did was wash the head on my shoulder and moan. Do you sleep last night? He slid his hands over his chest and pinched erected nipple. " Ouch!" He shouted. He left me, rubbing his eyes. He groaned, " That hurts, why do you get this? " I saw him give a bad appearance. that looked at each person to realize they were there watching us all. that sat down and took a sit next to me. What a fool ! We talking to each other for the rest of the trip. How to stop the train, Leo Leo walked beside me and put his arm around me. "Sorry ' bout that I could not sleep last night," he apologized. I'm so angry for him, but I tried not to show it. I did not want to lose either. continued, " do you know why I could not sleep last night " suddenly, my heart sank when he said those words. Thinking of me all night , how beautiful! all my anger and banished him to break a sweet smile on my face. I stopped and looked everywhere, if one of the teens s still around. No one was there. I just looked at Leo. " Y... I 've thought about lastAt night ? How sweet ! "He raised his hand and gently pulled my face close to his face. " I... love... you, "he whispered. He kissed me gently on the lips, and he injured ot so. Each kiss he gave me sent a tingling in my arms, which is with him now. When I opened my mouth, so its sweet tongue, gave me his tongue explored every inch of my mouth. tickled when stirred in the top of my mouth. my tongue defended, but his tongue was so powerful and longer than mine. finally leaned back and breathed deeply. me too. " that was really cool, man! We have to do it again, but look at the time! It last so late! " He whispered and screamed. It was twenty past nine am were still in the station. We ran as fast as you can go to our feet. Leon was as fast as I expected in every Preteen Gallery corner had to stop. My hair erred n as he ran. I think the gel was useless. as always, the client is sitting outside waiting for the afternoon children like me. that was not my main, butPeople hate to go to school to smoke o chat. " Hey Mr. Waldon ! Sorry, but too late! " Leo apologizes. " is well guys! Now, quickly, the first period to end !" He said. If we went to school, Leo and I separated. It was a kind Keyboard and gym me. No sense in going Preteen Gallery to the gym, but I n , but the brand was at least one is awarded for participation. Ahhh, swimming ! It's a shame, I forgot it's bath day and forgot my bathing suit. I sat in a bank. Strange, Philip was not there to welcome me. perhaps, he was late or something. I lost my time looking at all the kids swim until changed again. I carefully looked at every one swimsuit fit. It was fun, had some bumps larger than a baseball -n and some even not all! But it should not make fun of it! I have an inch less than the average size'm built! Remember, I am only 5 inches It sucks, however, some do not even bother to shower. The rest was butwere all in their trunks. There was a person who naked, but it was the "special" child, so do not even bother to look. " Jake Look Nice! You should not worry about the clothes to be good, you know I think it's great and all, but it is the school," said one of my friends, that that have never been associated with. " Thanks, I'm just a good idea of" a girl ", that's all ! " "This reminds me, where is Philip? He is always with you! " " uh oh... I think it's too late! ever heard in my house. " I muttered. I went to. ' Look, I see nothing that I have yet agreed to go through my closet, " " Okay, see you ! "He hit me back when I I went to the locker room. Where the hell is Philip anyway. When I opened my locker, a silly accident bump into my bag and fell, throwing all his books on the floor. I bent down and helped him pick up the books. Then there is, I saw Philip spent talking to this other guy I've never seen before. I tried to run after him to say hello, but this idiotkept calling my name. "WHAT? " I kept screaming at Philip laughs when I went to listen to this type s this really stupid joke. It was not even funny ! I turned around and gave me the rest of the books in my hands. How was he able to laugh at a joke lame? Why is hangin... God, I'm so stupid! You should be happy that is fine and all. N " Thanks," said a voice geek. " Whatever. " I went to the closet and opened it. Cool lyrics, love three! "My crush Please come with me, or crush you ! " God who was so poor ! I have read the second, "Roses are red, violets are blue, the sex is good and so is that ' Pretty good, but I think of myself as a sex machine ? I read the last \\ \\ nn "God, you're so beautiful This is when you see every day My soul is full. Everything you say, is some truth in it This will light up the night into day. Do not say anything, the bullHe did s for me. It was such a good heart, I wrote a sonnet. My heart from injury shame to throw the paper. My eyes began to blur with tears. Some teens we started with a strange look. " S -sorry, I have to s- h- m- e- something in my eye!" I said out loud, that they might n here it is. I looked down and he did, rubbed my eyes. I was looking back Leo was standing there with tears now, with a smile on his the face. " Do not you dare say that, I know," good " word sounded a little weird. I'm not things really well. But you know what I feel for you," said No, he said. " Sorry, I threw, I threw something that really meant something," I looked away. I repented of what he would say, but it's true. "- And you do not deserve a man like me. " I looked at his angry face. " What did you say that does not look good enough for me? Jake... the love that is the best I've ever done in my life, I took it as the most beautiful girls in school and Even broke up with her just this morning ! I will say, this point, you're not good enough for me, no, you're "the one for me! " " " Really? "He nodded. That was very touching. Really does not matter about me! Everything is everything I wanted, I wanted to kiss and hug and say I like you, but we were in school. I I said was, "Thank you ! "My soul felt so off. It felt like I finally have one they call" soul mate ", have been found. My thoughts were too much joy he had. He loves me. He's really n is n threw an arm around me. " can we go to second period now ? I think people are suspicious ! " The request. I closed my locker and left. I have not said anything, but I knew I in my face that I was really happy. I'm happy. When the room was empty as the library school, we now know shit. my desire immense for sex. my Raging Hard- pushed the pants, but do not think anyone would notice n with the exception of Leo. tried to eat the laughter was with. " I miss him already," proclaimedhg. Broke into a quiet laugh as n sat in our usual spot on the back. Very funny. As noted, the teacher was not there and there was no spare, he slipped out of the in the classroom. As the chief was still there, which killed our time the exploration of the whole school. Curiously, there were many classrooms, that is empty, even though nearly two thousand people at school. We try to find out all gays, who were at school the two of us fear that if someone , the "real " with us. We decided to spend my closet for a while. We were really surprised that most of my friends, the 20 could be omitted hanging in their closets ! Some of us were moving, but especially every a smile and a greeting. Everyone wanted to talk to me, but I've always avoided For the attention of Philip and Leo. I sat behind my closet and Leo Sat n to me. Not in any way, but Leo 's Preteen Gallery head rested on my shoulder trying to talked to sleep. One of the girls in the group sat next to me. " Hello, Yeske ! "She cried. " Psst !!!!!" said Leo. "God, sorry! Well, hi Jake! Do you want to not say hello? "He said. " Oh, sorry. " that this girl does not know. She was very nice. Somehow, I mind tells me is the implementation moves me. " Hey.... What is your name? "I asked. N " Clarissa ! She knew me before, remember? " " Oh, yes, once greeted me when I was with Philip! " " Yeah, umm... How have you done lately? "I looked and twisted little dried her hair and put it to his ear. They were also me a sweet smile who normally work in heterosexual men. " I think I'm fine, I have much to do lately, " I replied. " So, ummm... you have a... " He was silent for a while. Finished the s phrase, " Girlfriend do you mean, no wonder why? " smiled and looked at me kindly. Yes, I am asking. His face flushed and her breathing quickened. " Well... ummm If you're not busy tomorrow night then it's okay if we go ummm... wAtch a movie or what? " I gave my best smile and said :". You ask me, is not it "was blush even redder than before the cough sweet false said," Well, if that you agree? " I looked at Leo, who was snoring and drooling on my shoulder. " You're friend is very tired, "he whispered. " Yeah, well I invite out, call me tonight and we were like to decide where we might go tomorrow? " His eyes opened," Actually, um.... sure! What is your phone number? " I gave him my phone number in the palm of the hand shaking and thanked me many times. stood up, still smiling and waving to me as it goes. "Ring ! " " Huh ? " Leo growled. " Umm... Leo, it's lunchtime ! " " and... ! yawn... See you in the CAF are you okay? I will end table in the left side, " he muttered. He stood still, the dream mood. I got up and opened my closet, I took some of my money and closed. before I my closet shorts, someone called my sHoulder. " Hey, Jake. Unfortunately, it can be ignored after gym class, I like to talk about this type met," he said. It was Philip. But he smiled as if nothing is happening again this morning. " Yes, I know. Umm... how happy?" I asked. " Well, it sounds weird, but... " "Phil, let's go quickly, before the crowd erupts ! " One man shouted to the n Preteen Gallery across the aisle. I could hardly see how he did it, but it was the same type that had long brown hair. " I'll call you tonight, Kay? " She smiled and left. ".. See you ! " I cried. went to the cafeteria full of students in grades 9 to OAC. I've never seen a heard before. Except once, when Philip and I heard a rumor that someone n a firearm or had something. I went and saw your fob friends. " Hey, Jake! " Leo said, but it sounded like a whisper about the noise. saved a sit for me and sat on it. " want to buy what you want? I'll cover you," he said. "I have hunger " shouted back. His friends were Preteen Gallery so strong that Leo had tor all around. " This is better !" He shouted. Some of his friends saw me and greeted me in the is a very sloppy, but in a nice way. "Glad to meet you all ! " I cried. Well, that's very nice for a private conversation. In fact, I could not even talk to him because his try to head on the table, in the noisy crowd rested sleep. Without doubt, not boring to talk to someone. I took my novel, I was fine until the final for next week. I saw the girl, who has entertained me before lunch. looked at me and insisted I sit beside me and talk to her and her friends. I agreed, because Leo was dead asleep and wanted to talk to any of his friends me. " Hey, Jake. Umm... girls to Jake, I have spoken," she said, told an. I started the conversation: " Girl you were talking to me about what" One of the girls, I think his name was Lina, said: "Something that is not wants to know" "okay to come tell me !" I insisted. is " Well, okay, but I promise not to tell you? You know the girl back dae? " It has been noted with the girls behind us one table continued. " They are now his best friend, Philip of property n that the mob of girls there, " she pointed to another table About us ? " Well, they are the group that is so obsessed with Leo! And as you know, this group, Clarissa had used to go... " Clarrissa tried to keep my mouth but Lina continued,"... Well, they're so crazy about you! " My eyes were opened when the search for the girls there. Not that I like all of them but not many of them. Some glanced at me and some n was looking at me at all. Preteen Gallery I did not know so many girls can fall in love with me ! not know how "famous" I am. " Yeah, right! Not that I care, but that's not ! I think that's a lot! " All girls, except for the coke Clarrissa looked at his blushing, laughed and nodded. She told me that Leo was the number one attraction in second was Philip then ME! were also discussed some other cute guys there are n But I figured that nereally look important. Then another of her friends asked me, " Jake, how could you not with your boyfriend? " I was surprised, I said, I know it seems that the "rumor " spread n also in recent times. "What the hell is your problem? I'm not gay If you think, Philip, who is the best of my asshole! " " Well, why not go with him? " I told him we had this great discussion, but never say what it was more. She asked me what s the point, but I followed the closure of to get up and not talk about it. Clarrissa was still in the coca cola but often asked me some questions like I've been before a gf n , and all kinds of stupid questions. All the girls at the table s really nice. Not physically beautiful, beautiful but emotionally. They spoke of n , as relations helped many a broken heart at school. The talk chit went on and on, the time pass quickly. The next thing I knew Leo came to fix her hair and yawning at the table. " Jake y'ready...... yawn ? " N allgirls at the table looked at him in amazement never look the other way. the view Leo won in the table all the girls at the table in the eye. Wait until I tell a that he is my boyfriend! I took my backpack under the table dirty, and his feet. " Yes, come on! Ummm... we Clarrisa girl and call me kay ? " She smiled and said, well, while Leo gave me a strange look. We went outside crowded coffee still gives me a strange look. I took another look, messy hair. "What? " 'I asked. " You give me the look again! " " Now you know why ? I left my girlfriend for you, and when I awoke, I saw, sit in another place and Clarrissa called the damn back! " " are you crazy or what? Look I know why I go? " stood there, arms crossed waiting for a response. " First, they were sleeping and his friends never spoke with me, so I got bored. Then I went to sit down and talk to them! " N "No one speaks this, I wonder why you Clarrissa called " toHer voice rose a little. I was really mad. "Look, why do not I? " For I know that silly rumor that I went with Philip... also, do not worry ! Will be only a movie, which is another way ! I also want my 'straight' to call on everyone's lips yet ! " by the way he cared for, I think I accepted the explanation. He smiled, " apology accepted! So make sure not to make this bitch blonde! Preteen Gallery " I smiled and leaned over to kiss him, but then saw two types of opening the door. A then again! The rest of the school day went well. There was a lot of false alarm and had to go to school for half hour and then come then again and again! After school, Leo ran to me and say, hundred words a minute, " Jake, I can not go home tonight! I totally forgot my parents, business meetings, and I have to be here, I'll call s soon as I get home okay? " I nodded and ran ouTSID. Both for registration ! Before you go from school, I saw Philip with this guy again. I was so busy the man who still did not see me, threw his shoulder while walking by. I think they have been replaced by this type from now. No offense I think it's because he was sure that they are best friends. home alone is so boring! No one to talk to anybody s, with laughter , and so on. I've done some of my friends, but all of them to speak about in different ways, so it was impossible to hold a complete conversation. When I went home from the station, I stared at the cloudy sky, thinking of Philip. I think if he still loves me, and then Preteen Gallery I realized, I never said nothing s about Leo. If I did that, I wonder if it would end to hate Felipe and I Preteen Gallery hate. I do not want to lose Leo, who was so sweet as Philip, even more, but I have not lost all sense of Felipe. My father received me in silence through it. Friday night there was notto do but wait for each call. I closed the door, and stole done, but in my boxers. I had no intention of playing me to death. was too emotionally drained. The cool breeze of the creeps out of the left in the skin, disappeared when my mind. " Ringgg, Ringgg " I woke up in the confusion thought it was the alarm again. I pressed and press the button to stop the clock until I realized that it was the phone after all. "H- hello? " I mumbled. " Hey Jake is ? You Zat? " my ​​mind finally woke up, but the sleepiness was kicking in sounded like Felipe. "Felipe, are you ? " "Who do you think? Something funny that happened? " I spoke to Leo and I, about what Clarissa and Lina told me about the sweet boys. "I did not know that? " He asked. " No, I spend most of my time with you, you know," I growled. E n continue "Sorry" to fight! Head is still achin sleep. So they went n to say something about me that is really exciting? " His voice was fasterand stronger, "Oh, yes You know what I with a man now!" "WHAT? " I yelled in shock. " Yes, I'm with someone! " He repeated. I do not know what to say ! My mind was too shocked and surprised. No, is not the man ! How could he do this? I loves me still trying to win my heart! My heart ached again. "T- that's great !" I swallowed. " I knew Jake. You are not happy with this not true ?" His voice sounded deeper and more serious this time. " And yes I am..... " "Fuck, I know you well, come tell me what's going on! " " Philip still love me dear? " " More than anything, why ? " " "is not like your name resound in it. " " Jake, I love you, good! more... " He paused. " More than... " "Enough! " I shouted. " Stop what? "N " You make me try again with you! " I would say yes, very bad. But as with Leo, he loves me glued to, I had to lie. " N-no.... just want to know if you still like it, that 's it! "Tears streamed down my ​​cheek. Whiteand I have in love with this guy fall much more than n do to Leo? " Jake, I love you with all my heart, I have to assume. " N " He does! Sorry for freaking out and stuff, " I cried my tears and put in a cheerfully, " How did you learn this," " Well, he was one of my classes last semester, and had a very good friend of mine. I always wanted my attention and so, but I have n is for you....... A... was, however, I left the station. , I a little went out again and called again... " Then I came over and said something like," I'm sorry for intruding, but heard everything... you and Jake. "I tried to see what it feels together hugged me. Then he gave me a kiss on Preteen Gallery the forehead, and I found out! That was gay! " " he was gay? ! The long-haired guy was hanging with you today? " "Yes ! Wait, wait, I'm not Preteen Gallery done yet! Then, as he confessed that was gay and liked me too! And the rest is history! I was so happy, and was happy! Oh, God! I felt as if I confessed my love, you! " So, talk to someone on the other line could hear," Hey Phil, how to play this damn game ? " " Philip who ? " " Do not ask ! It's him! Look, I have to go, you must help and see tomorrow okay? " " kay, bye ! " " Lates " hung up the phone. I can not believe. You left me for this type not well know. I should be happy, I mean, they were not friends anyway. But they still love each other more than they wanted to be. I to know what's wrong with me. As I lay in bed still in the problem , the phone again to start. " Hello? " " Hello, Jake? Clarissa is my... " We talked and talked for hours without so much as gossip, School y other things that have not heard of Philip. Until about 12 clock 00, his parents had to forcing the listener to hang or more. she did and we planned, thereby saving time and film, we wanted to see before she n on-hook. materialI know for me to go straight ! Yeah, right! I can not believe n in fact did, as I like without the back. I was in my bed skip dinner or any meal and went to sleep easily. I woke in the middle of the night, listening silently cry right next to my windows open. Thieves! I went to bed in silence, trying to find my wireless, but when I covered the phone grabbed the blanket, his hand from my mouth. I cried through the hands, but it all was a loud whisper. The thief laughed. "Sh -hh -hh... ha, ha, ha! " N Preteen Gallery took the hands off and knelt beside me. Lit the lamp s shadow and saw Leo kneels down next to me laughing and gasping at the same time n. His sweat was dripping from the forehead to the nape, which s a strong smell of the lack of deodorant. "You did fucking ass, why do you sneak into my house, then? " "SCR......... Hey... I do not like. Beac.......... sneak ? " I sat and watched him give a quick kiss. " Well, my heartIt is 100 beats per minute... but man, it makes me hot! " " Well, that 's why I'm here, "he whispered. " After this matter of business, I could not but deep down here in my place and the bike all the way ! " " This is so sweet! "I gave him a quick kiss, but finished in a time a. Brazos sweaty wrapped around my body moves with the hands, and on the back. The smell is a smell I want more smell. his kisses moved to my neck. my right hand slowly massaged her buttocks s while the other grazed his sweaty hair. I put my hand in his pants and started playing with his hole. moaned and groaned and began to to remove my shirt. that I will give my bed to bite my ​​nipples. He got up and crawled down push my boxers. " I love you Jake. " sniff my balls and began licking, her hands massaging carefully my ​​dick. " Uhhhh ! " My cock began to rise and made it complete adult. His body turned around and made a 69 position. The eggsg , and lay down on my nose. He sent his beautiful scent in my nose. I felt his tongue goes around the head and licked the stains on my nerves. I've tried to take all his cock in my mouth, but 3 inches was all I could take in. I shook his penis to keep pace with Leos. I could feel his sweat fall in the thigh. It was so good at this, as he sucked gently squeezed my skin gives me extra balls behind my ecstasy. He began to move his tail up and down my face as he fucks me. He was about to cum. I was, but I tried to keep it in a while. his semen jets in my mouth. He groaned as he climbed up and down my cock. would not spend a lot of time, but it was enough for me. I sucked his now sensitive data members want more. Then, suddenly, I felt something out of my cock. " I 'm cumming !" I screamed high pitch. Hot milk my cock sprang Leo Enter your mouth. I humped her face as my cock even more jets cum on herThe mouth. He never had anything extra that spill from his mouth. Finally, my waist was the bed and rested my head on the pillow his body was moved away from me and lied to me. "OK to sleep here tonight and leave it at 00 as the 05th clock? " He asked, panting. " Yes, sure. " is any fabric I had in my hand again and took bleach. I s head on his chest and slept soft... _____________________________________________________________________________ Thanks to the people congratulated me by e- mail n is the chapter first. Comments or complaints? E -mail to: Chucklez_1 yahoo. com Now in chapter 3..
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